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​What We Do

Financial Planning & Analysis:

Budgeting, cash flow, and financial analysis are keys to successful operations.  While companies may create a budget before the start of a fiscal year, changing business dynamics may challenge or alter the original plans.  Equinox can expand your planning by integrating the budgeting process into the overall corporate strategy with detailed financial analysis and cash flow projections.  These financial plans can then be reviewed on a regular basis to provide updates and additional insight into the impact various strategies may have on your returns and performance. 


Strategy and Capital Planning: 

Equinox can provide a framework for evaluating your business model and offer insights on the overall value delivered to your customers.  We can facilitate your exploration of options to optimize your strategy and capital.


New Business and Project Development: 

Starting a new business or developing a project takes a well-formulated plan, solid operational skills, and perseverance. Equinox has a wealth of experience in both new business startup and project development. That experience provides us with the ability to understand where the successes and potential failures lie for your operation, which in turn will help you to reduce risk. Our experience incorporates strategy planning, cash flow management, market analysis, management information systems, project schedules, and the development of process & procedures for operations. This ensures that your business model can yield significant returns.


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