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Across the world, the equinox occurs twice a year when the earth's equator passes the center of the sun.  In many regions, the timing of an equinox corresponds with the Spring and Fall periods.  This marks a change of seasons and is typically a critical time for planting and harvesting agricultural crops and produce.  During this period, the massive preparation that has gone into selecting varieties, production practices, and operating procedures is tested.  For those operating within agriculture, success or failure can be determined by key decisions occurring within these windows of time.  The "equinox" represents truly vital times of the year.


empowering change

The Equinox symbol represents the world of continuous change.  At Equinox, we provide the expertise to help our clients and partners embrace and manage through change to enhance and grow their business. 



About Us

Kyle Althoff - Picture.jpg Mr. Kyle Althoff founded Equinox LLC to leverage expertise in delivering financial, operational, and strategic solutions to our clients in the agribusiness, food and energy industries.  Mr. Althoff grew up in rural North Dakota and gained a strong appreciation for the solid work ethic and agricultural industries gracing the plains of the Red River Valley.  From working on local farms, to serving producers with identity preserved seeds and their crop input solutions – Mr. Althoff experienced firsthand the bountiful harvests that can be produced from a quality seed.  It is with that same inspiration that he developed Equinox LLC – to help plant the seeds with clients that will enable them to grow their business and reap the rewarding results.


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