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Equinox LLC

Equinox is a consulting firm dedicated to delivering financial, operational, and strategic solutions to our clients in the agribusiness, food and energy industries.  Our client base ranges from small startup companies to multi-national firms.  We provide targeted products and services to  help our clients manage, develop, & succeed in business by empowering change.


Serving the Agribusiness, Food, & Energy Industries


 What We Do:  
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Project Development
  • New Business Formation and Startup
  • Strategy Development 
  • Operations Management
  • Economic Impact Analysis

For more information, look at What We Do by providing Insight with Value.

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empowering change

Change is a continuous and inevitable force which constantly challenges organizations.  The way you respond to change can define your success.  In today's rapidly changing markets, the multitude of business options can quickly create tremendous shifts in your organization's value and success At Equinox, we have developed a suite of solutions focused on addressing these issues and delivering Insight with Value to our customers.  

Interested in learning more?  Take a moment to check out the web site to discover how we can enable your organization to survive and thrive by empowering change.